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AFE March/April 2012 : Page 9

OPPOSITE PAGE: One of the ways that EGS "continually meets and exceeds client expecta tions" is by offering a compre-hensive training program for employees. RIGHT: Mike Rodgers, senior vice president of Facilities Management at EMCOR with Jeanine Salifou, AFE director of professional development. p Photo courtesy y of EMCOR. cost of training,” stated Mike Rodgers, CPMM, EGS's senior vice president of Facilities Management. “We see our training investment diff erently — we look at what it would cost us if we did not in-vest in training our people — and the cost of not training them is easily 10 times the cost of training.” He added, “Th e only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them.” As has been well docu-mented, some of the poten-Although Ziglar is best tial costs associated with the known as a motivational At EGS, we see our training investment nt lack of or inadequate train-speaker whose teachings ing include workers’ com-have transformed strug-differently — we look at what it would cost differe st us pensation and legal, contract gling sales people into if we did not invest in training our people. e. performance and OSHA prosperous, successful fi nes if safety standards are sales professionals, as Da-not followed. “Th ere is a miani notes, his bestselling companies by the company’s internal, tremendous amount of potential fallout books and programs are as much about award-winning team of experts. from a single wrong decision,” Rodgers building people up as they are about What also sets EMCOR apart from other building professional skills. “Everyone said, “and fallout can be prevented or specialty construction and facilities servic-minimized with the right training.” wants to be successful, both profession-es companies is that it provides employees ally and in their family lives,” said Dami-with what Rodgers calls a “vast array” of ani, who has taught the author’s “Strate-A ‘Vast Array’ of training programs that “go beyond trade gies for Success” and other programs Training Choices skills and includes such things as customer to people both inside and outside EGS. EMCOR Group, Inc. manages a signifi -service and communication courses to “Th e formula for achieving that success, cant, cross-company employee learning enhance interface with our clients.” whether in personal or professional life program that touches many levels across is: Success = Attitude + Aptitude (skills EMCOR’s 75 operating companies, 170 and knowledge) — where Attitude is 85 locations and 26,000 employees — a pro-Strategies for Success percent of the formula,” said Damiani. gram comprised of hundreds of diff erent In some cases, the training might not Damiani believes that success in one programs and addressing myriad indi-seem — at fi rst glance, anyway — to have area of a person’s life “tends to spill over vidual needs and objectives. Th e program anything to do with the employee’s job into other areas of life, whether personal represents a major and long-term com-description. For example, over the past or professional.” mitment by EMCOR to its employees. two years, more than 150 EGS employees The EGS training program incor-A number of organizations off er some of have completed a 12-hour course based porates many of the same concepts these programs. Included among them is on the teachings of the famous author that make up this success formula: 1) the Association for Facilities Engineering and speaker Zig Ziglar. Th ese courses are (AFE) and its Certifi ed Plant Maintenance facilitated by Migs Damiani, CPE, of EGS, Attitude – by building up the atti-tude of facilities professionals about Manager (CPMM) review course, and a who devotes a signifi cant eff ort toward themselves and the importance of their portion of the Safety and Quality training training, focusing on the principles of Zi-profession; 2) Skills – through 100% programs. A great deal of EMCOR’s Safety glar’s Total Quality Management (TQM): Preventive Maintenance, ISO 9000, and Quality training, however, is done Customer Focus, Fact-Based Decision-safety, CPMM and other training; across EMCOR’s more than 75 operating Making and Continuous Improvement. “ ” March | April 2012 Q  Facilities Engineering Journal Q 9

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