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COAL TAR CONTAMINATION REMEDIATION feet from the southeastern corner of the injection area, indicating that the effects of the treatment extended far beyond the immediate injection area. reduced soil vapor contamination in a controlled process without impacting the adjacent water body (the East River) or the local community. PE For more information, call John Collins, Ph.D. and founder of Verutek Technologies Inc. at (860) 242-9800 or send him an e-mail at References 1. Sodium hydroxide was injected to create alkaline conditions to activate the sodium persulfate. 2. Additional wells were installed when interim soil sampling revealed a previously un-identified area of contamination. 3. TCL SVOCs (Method 8270) and TCL VOCs (Method 8260). 4. S-ISCO performance parameters include interfacial tension (IFT), an indication of VeruSOL, electrolytic conductivity, and concentrations of sodium persulfate and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH). 5. Samples were collected from the 4 to 6 feet bgs interval and analyzed using Method TO-15 plus naphthalene. 6. 4,440 soil gas readings were taken through-out the injection process. Conclusions The successful destruction of MGP-related coal tar at this urban Brownfield site demonstrates a clear success for S-ISCO and its safety and effectiveness as a remedy for MGP-related contami-nation. The five-month S-ISCO treat-ment successfully contacted, desorbed and destroyed NAPL contaminants and The global economy brings us where the business is. SGW Services is Brazil's leader in environmental consultancy, engineering and remediation. Global standards, unique combination of technical skills and local expertise. SGW Services -Meeting Brazil’s economic challenges with our cutting-edge solutions. Contact us. Environmental Audit | Permitting | Investigation | Assessment | Remediation 30 Pollution Engineering MAY 2012

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