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PollutionEngineering May 2012 : Page 32


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 The RemTEC Summit delivers a truly ly unique platform plat t fo f o rm f focused oc us u ed on advancing the ation industry. It i is s the t h e place where you can hear th environmental science and remediation essential sources of information on technology, application and policy impacting the restoration of contaminated sites from the world’s leading experts within the academic, regulatory, industry and environmental-consulting communities. Don’t miss RemTEC’s two days of carefully selected topics focusing on current theoretical and practical aspects of environmental science and remediation. Attendees can expect a vigorous exchange of ideas all in an interactive, intimate, information-rich environment. 35"-)49/52!"342!#434/$!9 Presenting at the RemTEC 2013 conference is an excellent opportunity to position your company as an innovations resource to the hundreds of conference attendees and a superb chance to network with your customers & prospects. Visit for submission details 3(/7#!3%9/5202/$5#43!.$3%26)#%3 Become a sponsor and meet FACE-TO-FACE with hundreds of environmental and remediation professionals within the academic, regulatory and environmental consulting communities. In addition to exhibits, we offer several sponsorship opportunities to further increase your conference exposure and fully maximize your return on investment. ,%!2.-/2%!"/544(%"%.%&)43/&30/.3/2).' Contact your representative from Pollution Engineering magazine for details. Sarah Harding Publisher 216-991-4861 02/$5#%$"9 Lori Koning East Coast Sales Manager 814-833-9303 Larry Maher Western Sales Representative 630-616-7271


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