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PollutionEngineering July 2012 : Page 28

Active Bacterial Cultures with Natural Enzymes ABSOLUTE ZERO DEFINED EBAC 2000 Is A Microbial Consortium Biologically Digests Organic Waste and Controls Malodors A stable liquid concentrate containing a unique blend of 38 different species of naturally-occurring microorganisms. EBAC 2000 improves BOD, TSS, FOG and NH3 removals Controls malodors Lowers sludge volumes Decreases aeration requirements Reduces hydrogen sulfide corrosion Enhances degradation of digester solids Reduces toxicity in effluent Cleans grease in collection systems Increases settleability Lowers fecal coliform count Each cylinder of protocol gas mixture must come with an analytical certification. Manufactured by: The Environmental Company Inc. (800)742-0553 measure. This is especially a problem for zero gas. NIST cannot make a standard and say with certainty that there are no trace pollutants in it, but they can make a standard that has the pollutants in a very small concentration, for example, less than 100 parts per billion, and verify that there is no more than that level of a criteria pollutant. Looking forward Many other countries, including Japan and the Netherlands, already have metrological standards in place for traceable zero gases. The U.S. is sorely lacking these standards. The good news is that reputable gas ven-dors are making great strides to convince the EPA and NIST that standards are criti-cal to provide a more accurate measure of pollutants in gases so that the detec-tion limits are clear. Gas vendors are also working to create the necessary calibration gases to monitor for new pollutants (HCL, ammonia, and formaldehyde) that are nec-essary to meet new EPA and state monitor-ing. There are considerations for zero gases for these new pollutants as well. PE Bob Davis is vice president of environmental sustainable technologies for Airgas Inc. and is based in Allentown, Pa. He can be reached at (610) 675-6854 or e-mail 28 Pollution Engineering JULY 2012

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