AFE - November/December 2013

Executive Directions

Wayne P. Saya 2013-11-28 01:48:24

We are nearing the conclusion of another successful year at AFE. One exciting discovery we made was the surprising number of inquiries from "corporate America" about what AFE has to offer. As companies created 2014 budgets, they wanted to know more about our world-class training programs and corporate partnerships. In our 2013 winter issue, AFE President Larry Ross exposed AFE as the organization behind the curtain and the group that other maintenance organizations come to for education and training in plant management and engineering. We are happy about this role because our members are able to take advantage of AFE's particular niche within the facilities industry. We also believe that the industry is all one big family with each member specializing in his or her own particular type of facilities, engineering or management disciplines. We take pride in our programs. After all, how many certification programs can offer a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) education? Our TPM program offers students a strategy on how to link together preventive and predictive maintenance with other elements of a highly-effective maintenance program to achieve a high level of effectiveness in operations. This strategy adds longevity to the life of equipment and adds to the profitability of facilities' bottom lines. Now that we have lifted the curtain, America has recognized that only AFE can offer this type of certified training in TPM and facilities leaders are asking, "What will happen if our facilities manager doesn't have this training?" A certification with AFE has many rewards, and companies are finding out that a corporate membership with AFE means much more than a certificate hanging on the wall. If you are a facilities manager, director or vice-president and need an answer that requires a quick calculation or explanation, the members-only portion of our website contains everything you need. AFE's 2014 will be an exciting year for our members and certification holders alike. In the new year, we will offer a warm welcome to many new corporate partners, and keep an eye out for AFE's Facilities Engineering Journal, which will debut a new look. But most importantly, as this year closes, we give a large thank you to our membership for making our organization a necessity in the facilities maintenance and engineering sector. Wayne P. Saya, CPE, CPMM AFE Executive Director

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