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2013-11-28 01:49:08

Offering Our Industry a Prime Source for Jobs In today's economy, companies struggle with meeting profit margins and budgets. Unfortunately, often the first line items cut are labor expenses and building maintenance. Facilities managers frequently find that maintenance and engineering costs are constant casualties of client-mandated profit margins. Let's face it: business is based on profit, and in our present economic climate, all departments within big business have taken a hit for the team. Our job as professionals is making our facilities successful. Unfortunately, this year, a number of our brethren have been required to make the ultimate sacrifice—forced early retirement or the loss of their position. A few years ago, AFE embarked on a search for a systematic process to help our members and non-members find jobs in the facilities community. We also wanted to assist our corporate partners in recruiting talent from the facilities maintenance and engineering sectors. In our profession there are a number of positions within multiple industries under the facilities umbrella from management to labor, which means there often many jobs available. AFE knows that in order to help our members and even non-members secure jobs in the field, we must provide the tools to find them. Today, we provide key job information on our website's career center using JobTarget® best-inclass technology. By using this tool, we help those in need reach thousands of employers, recruitment firms and recruitment agencies, all online. Our career center, now powered by an enhanced JobTarget® offering, creates one-on-one interaction with job candidates— and research has shown that many employers searching for highquality candidates use this method to interact with potential employers. AFE is providing our network of facilities maintenance managers, facilities engineers and our corporate partners with a first-rate career center on the front page of our newly-revamped website. Because our network of maintenance managers and engineers is a world community—a family—we don't offer this career center as a members-only service; we offer it to all. It is easy to create an individual account with our career center and post your resume free of charge. This service gives everyone an opportunity to be reviewed by thousands of employers, recruitment firms and agencies all within the facilities sector. With the large number of new facilities maintenance and management positions posted daily, your chances of employment are significantly increased. We're not just a facilities maintenance club—we are AFE, and we are there by your side for all segments of your career. Welcome to the AFE career center. Larry Ross, CPE, CPMM President & Chairman

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