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2013-11-28 02:07:48

Kaivac The Kaivac's OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning System allows users to start with the basics and then cross over, adding more equipment to tackle more cleaning tasks. The system begins with the versatile trolley-bucket that dispenses fresh cleaning solution directly to the floor. Add the Wet/Dry Vac component and you have a complete spray-and-vac cleaning system and the OmniFlex system can also be configured so that is can be used for indoor pressure washing. For more information, please visit or call toll-free: 800-287-1136. U. S. Products The PEX 500 heated carpet extractor from U. S. Products has powerful dual vacuums and a smart circuit locator to help eliminate breaker blowouts. Like other U.S. Products extractors, the PEX 500 has an in-line, after-thepump heater for longer life and instant heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information, please visit or call toll-free: 800-257-7982. Green2Sustainable The Sustainability Dashboard is a cloud-based tool designed to measure, monitor, and report on a facility's key performance indicators (KPIs). These include energy consumption and related costs, waste and recycling data, water usage and related costs, transportation costs (such as fuel used for company vehicles), use of consumables such as paper products and ink cartridges, as well as cleaning chemicals and similar supplies. For more information, please visit or call 812-269-2805. Enviro-Solution ES 73 is an advanced paint stripper and graffiti remover that works fast to tackle a wide range of problems. ES 73 works effectively using cold or warm water and can also be used to remove varnish, ink, nail polish, grease, and marker stains from everything from bricks and blackboards. For more information, please visit or call toll-free: 877-674-4373. Stratasys Ltd. Stratasys recently debuted a second generation of its Digital ABS material, named Digital ABS2. The new material, designed for Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers, is designed to enable users to produce thin-walled models with high dimensional stability. Enhanced software increases the material's rigidity, durability and functionality of thin wall elements. For more information, please visit www.stratasys.coim. Crestron Crestron recently announced the release of its new GLS-OIR-C-CN occupancy sensors, ideal for conference rooms, hallways and private offices. The GLS-OIR-C-CN is a highly accurate occupancy sensor designed to reduce energy costs and enhance the automation capabilities of Crestron lighting and environmental systems. For more information, please visit Tornado The new Deuter harness designed for Tornado's Pro- Vac™ backpack vacuum cleaners is ergonomically and anatomically shaped with 3D air mesh lining, keeping a layer of air between the user and the machine to help eliminate operator discomfort. For more information, please visit or call toll free 1-800-VACUUMS. EPIC Systems EPIC Systems, Inc. has designed and engineered a distillation pilot plant that successfully removes over 80 percent of CO2 from exhaust generated by a coal-fired power plant. The pilot plant, which utilizes Akermin Inc.'s process technology, has recently passed a significant milestone. It completed over 1,600 hours of operation without any reduction in efficacy. For more information, please visit distillation-pilot-scale-system.

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