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AFE November/December 2013 : Page 14

////////////////////// COVER STORY expansive suites within the Truman Building, which included calculating the total server electromechanical load needs of the client up to 10-times growth. Th e added benefi t for the client and EGS alike is having the continuity of the same company performing design services as carrying out operations and mainte-nance. Th e client saves money and there is better accountability if complications arise in the future. Historic building preservation It takes training and experience to understand what goes into preserving historically signifi cant buildings, rooms, fi ne fi nishes, art, and antique furnish-ings. Blair House not only requires knowledge of the overall electrical and HVAC systems, but also the reliable operation and maintenance of mini-controls for temperature and humidity in key spaces. EGS must then coordinate scheduled and corrective maintenance within the timing constraints of diplo-matic functions. Th is requires strong re-lationships with specialty subcontractors and adept management of their work, particularly for specialty fl ooring, ceil-ing, chandelier, and painting services. An unusually broad parts inventory Another complexity at the State Depart-ment and other federal buildings is that there are few “standard” parts in these facilities, due to the greater diversity of equipment. Th e O&M contractor’s inventory must include parts for systems installed over a broad range of time as the building was renovated, and a variety of appropriate vendors must be used for service. To meet this challenge, EGS has created a portfolio of specifi c subcontrac-tors and vendors, as well as a detailed plan for organizing the large range of 14 November/December 2013 ■ Facilities Engineering Journal ■

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