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AFE November/December 2013 : Page 19

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN INTERESTS CONFLICT IN THE SELECTION OF A REAL ESTATE SERVICE PROVIDER? Ŷ A non-conflicted firm’s analysis and advice is provided in a clear, comprehensive and logical reporting format outlined in a full document record of each transaction and project, including market data, recommendations, decision processes, landlord offers and counters, lease documents, and related supporting information. This means that the end deliverable will be a full, traceable and transparent record of each project that will be made available for later audit or review. The $125,000 is not aligned. Only in this way can the user or occupier of commercial space be assured of achieving consistency of purpose in the marketplace. Real estate is a long-term investment and it makes the greatest sense to engage the market armed with the full facts – and backed by an advisory firm without hidden agendas or teams of brokerage professionals representing clients on both sides of the transaction. _______________________________ Fred Waldman is a Vice President and Todd Mintz is an Executive Vice President in UGL Equis’ Corporate Services Group in Chicago. This white paper has been reprinted in its entirety with permission by UGL. The contents of the material have not been edited or altered. For more information about UGL, please visit November/December 2013 ■ Facilities Engineering Journal ■ 19

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