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AFE November/December 2013 : Page 21

TOP: AFE’s Joe Schuller presents student Kira Hansen an AFE scholarship. BOTTOM: Annual Charter fi shing outing – ready for a day on the lake. comes from the golf outing as well as from vendor sponsors. Th is year, Chapter 12 awarded four scholarships totaling $3,500 to worthy students. Th e University of Wisconsin-Stout has an AFE student chapter—Chapter 195—and its members regularly receive these scholarships. Chapter 12 on the water One of Chapter 12’s most popular events has turned out to be the annual Char-ter fi shing outing on Lake Michigan. Chapter 12 has combined this with its membership drive to drum up interest from new members. Th is year the chapter had 12 boats with six fi shermen in each. Chapter 12 required each boat to have at least one member to off er the chapter a chance to lobby the participants for membership. Aft er an aft ernoon on the water, participants joined some of the chapter’s land-lubber members for din-ner and stories of the one that got away. Region 3 Vice-President Gerry Olsen, a frequent participant in Chapter 12’s events, has off ered the chapter the op-portunity to keep up with national AFE news while attending fi shing or golfi ng events. Other events have included: joint events with Chicago Chapter 1 (racing at the Union Grove Race Track near Racine, Wisconsin) and with Madison Chapter 161 (touring Trek Bicycle’s facil-ity in Water Town, Wisconsin). Th e joint events connect neighboring chapters and help members keep up to date with fellow AFE members. FEJ Joseph Schuller is a past president of Chapter 12. In addition to serving as president in 2012, Schuller has also served on AFE’s regional board of directors since 2009 and is currently its chair of membership. November/December 2013 ■ Facilities Engineering Journal ■ 21

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