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Processing Technology Pans and pan-handling equipment courtesy of Gemini Bakery Equipment Co. belt for the entire distance of the conveyor, thus minimizing movement or skewing,” Harrington says. Ken Johnson, president, Gemini Bakery Equipment Co., Philadelphia, agrees that noise, sanitation, changeovers, pan life and worker safety are all important issues for bakers and snack producers when select-ing pan-handling equipment. He adds “an affordable level of automation to reduce labor costs” to that list. “Gemini offers a broad range of equipment and systems that can be custom-designed to a customers’ specific needs,” he says. “Our strength is in our engineering expertise and depth of experience and knowledge. We custom-design our equipment and systems to provide the most affordable and effective solutions for our customers.” For more than 40 years, Gemini Baking Equipment has been manufacturing and supplying the baking industry with a wide range of bun-pan, bread-pan and peelboard loading, handling, stacking and conveying equipment that can “accommodate just about any product that can be put in a pan or onto a peelboard,” Johnson says. In addition, the com-pany specializes in a va-riety of roll, bread, bagel and pizza makeup lines that produce and deposit these products into pans and onto boards via precise servo reciproca-tors. It also offers a line of industrial, high-speed floor rack pan and board loading and unloading equipment; a pick-and-place pan and board stacking and an unstack-ing system; cantilevered vacuum depanners; servo pick-and-place vacuum or needle depanners; robotic depan-ners; conveyors; tunnel oven loaders and unloaders; and all the associated components to create complete pan and board conveyor-ized systems for small, medium and large industrial production lines. “We are the go-to-people for unique solu-tions for difficult applications,” Johnson says. “Manufacturers of the very popular pretzel rolls needed to proof product on peelboards, apply the lye solution and bake the rolls in pans. We designed a high-speed, high-volume system to very efficiently remove the rolls from the peelboards, apply the lye solu-tion and redeposit the rolls into pans.” Lake Forest, Ill.-based Colborne Foodbotics, meanwhile, offers a variety of special conveyors designed for various auto-mation tasks, says Rick Hoskins, director of sales and marketing. “One of our most recent developments is our Anti-Shingling Pan Handling System, which is unique to the in-dustry because of its ability to handle stock, rolled-edge pans in an automation environ-ment,” he explains. “Traditionally, these pans are not compatible with automation because of their inability to back log and accumulate during an automation task. “Until our development, bakers would have to use expensive and less efficient, flighted, indexing conveyors to handle these pans. Today, they can use a standard tabletop conveyor design that is continuous mo-tion. This conveyor is more efficient in the transfer of pans and simpler from a conveyor design standpoint.” Pans and coatings Pan-handling equipment manufacturers aren’t the only ones offering bakers and snack producers new tools to make production more efficient and cost-effective. Pan manu-facturers are also refining their products to courtesy of Colborne Foodbotics 56 Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery -April 2014 www.snackandbakery.com

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