Candy Industry - November 2011

Standing Tall

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With two Guiness World Records to his name, Alain Roby has created as well as overseen masterpieces that elevate pastry arts to a new level. Chef Alain Roby has won more than 20 culinary awards, been featured on the Food Network and even served as the head pastry chef at the NFL Commissioner’s Super Bowl Party for the past 19 years. But it’s his most recent achievement that he claims as the highest honor of his career – earning The Guiness Book of World Records honors for the World’s Tallest Cooked Sugar Building and World’s Tallest Chocolate Sculpture. His sugar building was 12 ft.,10 in. Tall, while his chocolate sculpture was 20 ft., 8 in. Tall. Roby is the only pastry chef to hold two Guinness World Records. Among his other achievements, Roby studied and learned his culinary art in Paris from the world famous Pastry Chef Lenotre and is a certified master chef of pastry and sugar artistry. He also has been named as a permanent committee member of the Societe D’Escofier Chicago and has served as the private pastry chef to the Shah of Iran. In addition to working in London, Tokyo, New York and finally Chicago, Roby also served as the private pastry chef for the admiral of the Jeanne d’Arc cruiser — the fl agship of the French Navy. Roby has won more than 20 culinary awards, including The Grand Prize Gold Medal of Paris offered by the French First Minister Medaille des Nautes and the Best of Show by the National Restaurant Association Culinary Salon 1988, in Chicago. He’s worked for the Hyatt Regency Chicago for 24 years, most recently as the Senior Corporate Pastry Chef for Hyatt Hotels overseeing the pastry division for all Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. Now, he owns and runs Chef Alain Roby’s All-Chocolate Kitchen, which is in downtown Geneva, Ill., near Chicago. What did you think you would be when you grew up? I went to law school and wanted to be a notary. Name one of your favorite movies. Lawrence of Arabia with Peter O’Toole. Describe your perfect dream vacation. A cruise around the world with family. What book are you currently reading? I’m not reading at this time, the store is keeping me busy. But my favorite author is Balzac. Aside from a family member, whom would you most want to be stranded with on a deserted island? The survivor man from the Discovery Channel [Les Stroud]. What is your pet peeve? My Chihuaha Luna, she is my girl. Candy Industry: Oh! I’m sorry. Pet peeve, not pet. Roby: Oh! People with no passion for their job, who are in it just for the paycheck. I’d give anything to meet: Neil Armstrong. The best piece of advice I’ve received: Reach for your dreams, life is short What excites you most about your job? Freedom of creativity and pleasing people with good food.

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