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Residential Controls

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Alan Manufacturing Inc. ( showcased its zone control dampers with wireless controls. The wireless controls come attached at the factory and come complete with a transformer 120 V to 24 V. A programmable and nonprogrammable Wi-Stat wireless thermostat is available. An optional open/close motor includes an indicator light that glows green when the damper is open and red when the damper is closed. The wall-mount or handheld thermostats include one-stage heat and one-stage cool, A selectable temperature display, a filter check monitor, and more. Arzel Zoning (www.arzelzoning. com) introduced its EzyFIT damper. This foldable and insertable technology allows contractors to overcome applications in which there is not access to ductwork, according to the company. It installs directly through the register boot to help ease zoning retrofit jobs. The EzyFIT design allows installers to slip the damper in through the register while magnets set it firmly in place. The gasketed blade shuts off airflow for minimal airflow leaks. Available in 5, 6, and 7 inches, the damper eliminates noisy whistling with its tight seal of the gasket material. It fits in bootend, angled or straight, and any type of metal ductwork (horizontal or vertical). ComfortStar (www.comfortstar exhibited its Alegria Series of ductless split system units.The series offers a single-zone mini-split system, or a multizone mini-split unit available in dual-, tri- and quad-formats. Gold fin protection provides an anticorrosive coating and a waterproof membrane that prevents humidity, ensures durability, and maximizes energy efficiency. The invertercontrolled compressor operates by changing the frequency from 60 Hz to a varying range of 20 to 125 Hz. When a desired temperature has been achieved, the inverter will control the compressor to run on a lower frequency to maintain temperature And consume less energy.The unit operates using R-410A, offers overload protection, and has an auto restart and memory function — preventing power failure from erasing any setting and eliminating the need for reprogramming.Mini-split systems operate at 18 SEER. Distech Controls Inc. ( showed its EC-Smart-Vue with CO2 and motion detector control. Available in the third quarter of this year, this control features a communicating sensor with backlit LCD display and icon-driven menu. According to the company, the integrated CO2 sensor helps reduce building operational costs by using demand control ventilation. The integrated motion detector automatically readjusts space temperature when an office, classroom, or meeting room is unoccupied. Ecobee Inc. ( unveiled its Smart Si thermostat.Designed for the residential market, the Smart Si thermostat offers remote connectivity anytime from anywhere via a computer, iPhone, smart phone, or tablet. The unit includes a high-resolution color display and an intuitive user interface. It is Wi-Fi enabled. The built-in live weather function uses advanced algorithms that help ensure the thermostat is always saving the most energy possible, the company said. It has an easy-to-read high-resolution color display, sleek buttons, and An intuitive user interface. According to ecobee, this makes it easy to quickly set a personalized program, make setting adjustments, and create new vacation events. Automatic alerts and reminders notify users when the HVAC equipment is due for service, if there is an equipment malfunction, or when it’s time to change the filter. ICM Controls’ (www.icmcon Big Buddy merchandising campaign is designed to showcase the company’s technical support team. The program is commencing this winter and will be rolled out across the country throughout 2012. It includes a variety of showroom and point-of-purchase displays designed To educate customers in selecting the right products for their application, while promoting the company’s tech support team, which regularly assists contractors in diagnosing or troubleshooting field issues. According to ICM Controls, it staffs its tech support hotline with engineers that actually design the company’s products. 30 introduced the VCS ventilation control system. It is a fresh-air control system designed to improve residential IAQ. The product introduces fresh air through an intake damper controlled by the VCS logic panel. The VCS helps improve IAQ by decreasing volatile organic compound levels. According to the company, it is easy to install and set up, meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard, and is backed by a five-year warranty. VCS features include a micro-controller logic panel, status LEDs, single adjustment setup, “damper closed” override switch, exhaust fan control option, outdoor temperature and/or humidity limit option, and remote “damper open” override option. KMC Controls ( introduced its FlexStat™ controller/ sensor with integral Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor control.The controller varies the capacity of the compressor over 10 and 100 percent of the rated capacity. Below 10 percent cooling demand, the controller automatically cycles the compressor on and off to meet low levels of demand. In multiple compressor applications, the device manages the variable capacity compressor as the first stage of cooling, effectively providing 5 to 100 percent variable capacity control over the full range of cooling demand. The unit may be applied in most single- or multi-stage DX compressor unitary applications including RTU or split residential unitary applications, heat pumps, chiller, or commercial refrigeration applications. LG Electronics USA Inc. ( exhibited its Flex Multi-Split system. The efficient multiroom series allows homeowners to operate four indoor units using a single outdoor condensing unit. The series includes dual-zone, tri-zone, and quad-zone multi-split systems. The dual-zone system offers 18,000 to 24,000 Btu; the tri-zone system, 27,000 to 33,000 Btu; and the quad-zone, 36,000 to 48,000 Btu. 31 Nest ( exhibited its new Nest Learning Thermostat™. According to the company, this programmable thermostat learns a customer’s behavior and automatically turns itself down when away. In essence, it’s a programmable thermostat that programs itself, the company said. It is compatible with twostage heat, single-stage cooling; and heat pump with aux. Nest uses speaker-style wire to check for wire presence and voltage. The Time to Temp feature tells customers how many minutes until the temperature they just adjusted the thermostat to will be reached. It also has an energy-conscious feature called the Nest Leaf, which appears when customers are saving energy based on their previous usage. Tasseron Sensors Inc. (www.tasse released the Tasseron Qwik Average. This duct averaging sensor features the patent-pending Qwik Connect and Qwik Coupling.The Qwik Connect eliminates wire nuts to help speed up the installation process and ensure a reliable connection. Qwik Coupling removes the need to carefully uncoil the 24 feet of sensor tube in an effort to avoid bending or crimping.The device comes in two pieces, allowing contractors to mount the enclosure on the outside of the ductwork.Once mounted, the male portion of the Qwik Coupling will be visible on the inside of the duct.The same contractor can walk into the duct, snap the female portion of the connection located on one end of the 24 feet of tubing to the previously mounted male connection on the duct, and then string the Tubing into the duct where needed. Zonefirst ( showcased its Digi-Zone model MDP3. The MDP3 model is a two- and three-zone expandable control panel.The digital menu-driven display simplifies system setup and eliminates DIP switches and adjustable dials to set timings and temperatures.The new MDP3 controls only the new plug-in zone motors that use modular cords, supplied with each damper. The unit is expandable to 103 zones, features color-coded wiring terminals, zone damper test buttons, a Zone- A-Lone™ system setback and more.The panel is used exclusively with the ZDSP, ZDBP, OZD, RDP, RRP, and RTP dampers.

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