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(Investment -Continued from Page 24) “There are two sets of five wells for each of the 11 apartment buildings,” explains Frank. “As the 2-inch supply lines enter the building, they merge into a 3-inch hydro-separator. On the other side, they split back to dual, 2-inch lines once again, one set for each half of the building.” Throughout the building, Bosch wa-ter-to-air heat pumps are tucked away in closets and pull water from the sup-ply lines. Each apartment has its own heat pump. Two circulators are used per building. A Wilo Stratos handles the circulation of the indoor loop, while a Top S circulates the ground loop. The independent loops are divided by the hydro-separator. The loop field runs when there is more than a three-degree difference between the two loops. All boreholes are 5-inches in diam-eter, with 1¼-inch pipe. To ensure the quality of exchange field work, Frank hired a subcontractor he’s familiar with, Can-America Drilling Inc. The Right System From the beginning, Frank knew SMC Geo was ready for the big project, but as a three-person firm, he knew they’d have their hands full fusing HDPE dis-tribution pipe inside the building. All the 2-inch lines feeding the heat pumps needed to share space with ductwork, electrical and plumbing lines. There’d SMC Geothermal, aided by the Triton system, assembled a geothermal system to heat and cool this 252 unit, 12-building complex in Brighton, Colo. Source: Brian Perkins be no shortage of cramped joist bays to deal with. “After a day of socket iron-fusing 2-inch pipe, my arms literally hang at my sides like Jell-O,” says Frank, who’s 56. “Especially with 2-inch pipe, you have to push so hard, and it always takes two people. With 12 buildings to fuse, I knew we needed to try some-thing new.” “Wayne Arde, owner of Can-America told me about the Triton HDPE fusing system after seeing it at the IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) convention last year,” Frank explains. “It caught my at-tention, and I was eager to give it a fair trial.” Steve Kroh, of Shamrock Sales in (Continued on Page 28) 26 | NatioNal Driller June 2014 Card No. 29


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