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The National Provisioner November 2016 : Page 28

In the October issue, The National Provisioner honored 25 past icons who made their mark on industry since 1991. This month, to wrap up the magazine’s coverage of its 125th Anniversary, the editorial team decided to take on a bigger challenge: Select 25 indi-viduals we expect will change the industry over the next decade or two. As such, we present our 25 Future Icons. In similar fashion to our Past Icons, Future Icons were nominated by industry peers, and fi nal selections were determined by the editorial staff of The National Provisioner . If last month’s list of Past Icons didn’t spark any debate, we are certain this list of Future Icons will. Again, we believe we have chosen an excellent list — who would be on yours? The future is now; let the debate begin: 25 Future Icons CAMERON BRUETT, JBS USA C elebr ating 125 years BY ANDY HANACEK editor-in-chief PHIL BASS, CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF Certifi ed Angus Beef’s own “Dr. Phil” already has developed a bit of a cult following among meat scientists, chefs and culinarians who work with beef. Bass’ collaboration with chefs (in-house and at the customer level) sets a stellar example for how the industry can work with end users to innovate new, useful cuts of beef and novel uses for those cuts. MINDY BRASHEARS, TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY Brashears’ dedication to research and contribution to education in the areas of food safety and food microbiology stand out, as well as her accomplish-ments in bringing much-needed scientifi c knowl-edge to the meat industry. Brashears has improved the critical thinking skills of students, domestic and foreign, and has stimulated discussion and imple-mentation of new ideas to improve the food and livestock industries. BETSY BOOREN, OFW LAW Booren’s new role as senior policy adviser at OFW Law will allow her to remain front-and-center as a strong infl uence on the industry’s direction at the regulatory/legislative level. In her previous role with the North American Meat Institute, Booren set the tone for what’s to come, always stressing science as the foundation for policy and regulatory decisions — a belief she is expected to continue to champion at OFW Law. Bruett has been a vocal proponent of the work of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and possibly its most open book in terms of sharing innovative stories between processors, customers and stakeholders in that arena. He has been and should continue to be a champion of sus-tainability initiatives across beef, pork and chicken, given his position with JBS USA. 28 THE NATIONAL PROVISIONER | PROVISIONERONLINE.COM | NOVEMBER 2016

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