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spotlight BASF CONSTRUCTION True sustainability includes preserving what is already built. BASF provides a broad product offering and wide range of chemistries for building resto-ration and repair. The BASF line of diverse, proven products addresses repair challenges and provides time-tested solutions for every aspect of building restoration—from the foun-dation to exposed balconies, from concrete re-pair, waterproofing, corrosion mitigation and moisture protection to aesthetics. JOINT SEALANTS Building restoration is a demanding sci-ence requiring materials that bond to a va-riety of substrates and in diverse conditions to provide long lasting, weatherproof seals. BASF’s Sonneborn sealants are formulated with high-performance elastomers to ensure outstanding weatherproofing and protec-tion against extreme elements. From hybrid to urethane to silicone, there is a Sonneborn sealant for every project. CONCRETE REPAIR Long-lasting repair requires a sound strategy and the use of high-performance products. MBT Protection and Repair materials pro-vide comprehensive answers to the complex challenges of building restoration. Ranging from primers and bonding agents to engi-neered repair mortars, MBT Protection and Repair materials are formulated to provide sustainable repairs that restore long-term in-tegrity and strength to buildings and facades. with improved aesthetics to enhance the value of buildings and provide long term protection. ing a building from moisture related dam-age. Proper protection requires an integrat-ed system of materials. BASF’s wide range of chemistries (polyurethane, epoxy, meth-acrylates) can be customized to meet diverse application requirements from speed to du-rability to aesthetics. WATER REPELLENTS Although brick, masonry and concrete sur-faces provide character to a building, they require effective protection from the damages of wind-driven rain, freeze-thaw cycles and chloride ion intrusion. Hydrozo patented si-lane water repellents maintain the original ap-pearance of the substrate and allow moisture vapor to escape, while sealing and protecting the concrete and masonry for years to come. CONCRETE STRENGTHENING The effects of corrosion, physical damage or a change of use can shorten the life of a build-ing. BASF M-Brace composite strengthen-ing systems are designed for strengthening beams, slabs, walls and columns. M-Brace can cost effectively meet complex repair challeng-es while delivering versatility, ease of applica-tion and long-term performance. Customer Service 800-433-9517 WATERPROOFING Moisture penetration is one of the most criti-cal challenges facing buildings today. Inte-rior or exterior, above grade or below grade, unprotected buildings suffer from water-in-duced damage. Deterioration and corrosion are caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold. Sonneborn’s liquid-applied high perfor-mance membranes offer long-lasting protec-tion against the most damaging conditions. CORROSION MITIGATION Steel reinforced concrete is an integral part of building structures. Unfortunately, cor-rosion often compromises the integrity of many structures. MBT Protection and Re-pair advanced corrosion control solutions are formulated to inhibit corrosion, ex-tending the service life of buildings and en-hancing safety. The compatibility of MBT Protection and Repair concrete repair and corrosion control materials provides assur-ance of long-lasting performance. WALL COATINGS Keeping surfaces beautiful and walls dry re-quires protection more powerful than the elements. The high-build coatings of Thoro and Sonneborn include smooth, textured or elastomeric coatings that protect against mois-ture, carbonation or crack bridging. BASF’s high-build coatings combine waterproofing 26 S U S TA I NAB LE F A C I LIT Y J AN./ F E B. 2011 BALCONY AND TRAFFIC COATINGS Balconies and parking garages represent some of the toughest challenges in protect-Advertorial

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