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AFE January/February 2012 : Page 27

ADVERTORIAL Ever Green ® Cut ‘n Wrap Insulation Kits ™ I n-house facility personnel and insulation contractors alike are saving time, energy and money insulating bare fi ttings and piping components with Ever Green ® Cut ‘n Wrap ™ Insulation blankets. While piping in hot water and steam distribution systems is generally insulated, many times the fi ttings Cut ‘n Wrap Insulation Blankets Currently in Use in: Q Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Q Hospitals Q Universities Q Government Facilities Q Food Processing and valves are not. The result is signifi cant and unnecessary heat loss, and these very hot components also present a safety issue. Average installation time is less than 20 minutes per component. and a work apron. Each kit can typical-ly insulate up to fi ve 3” components. INSULATING THESE COMPONENTS IS NO LONGER A TIME-CONSUMING, DIFFICULT AND COSTLY ENDEAVOR Engineered for indoor use on systems up to 500°F, Cut ‘n Wrap Insulation blankets are perfect for valves, strainers, prvs, and other convoluted surfaces. Insulating requires minimal tools and each component can be done quickly and easily. • Simply measure the fi tting area and cut the insulation blanket to size with a utility knife • Using the plier staplers, attach the hook and loop straps to the cut-to-size insulation blanket • Wrap the exposed valve or fi tting • Secure with supplied self-sealing hook and loop fastener ENERGY SAVINGS & MATERIALS ESTIMATING TOOLS MAKE INSULATING DECISION EASIER ! Wondering just how many Btus and dollars you are loosing by not insulating those valves and fi ttings? We have an easy energy saving estimating program that calculates the losses as well as the Btus and fuel dollars you will save by insulating. AMI also offers a Cut ‘n Wrap Materials Estimating Tool to help you calculate the number of Kits you will need for your job. TWO KITS AVAILABLE! The Standard Cut ‘n Wrap Insula-tion Kit comes with a 4’x8’ insulation blanket, and one 75’ roll of double sided hook and loop fastener. The Cut ‘n Wrap Starter Kit comes with an ad-ditional tool kit that includes staple pliers, a box of staples, utility knife, ADDITIONAL BENEFITS FROM THIS PATENTED INSULATION KIT INCLUDE: • Immediate energy savings – typically payback is <1 year • Reduction in heat loss from components by 85% • Increased personnel safety • Reduction in mechanical room temperature – as much as 20° • Truly removable/reusable Insulation – ideal for high access areas • Reduction in greenhouse gases Q Auburn Manufacturing, Inc 800.264.6689 •

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